Why did we start
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A journey towards more meaningful engineering leadership.

Eiso: "I speak to dozens of engineering leaders every week and hear many of the same challenges when it comes to managing software engineering teams, so I decided to reach out to Jason, one of the most inspiring engineering leaders I've met. The best part about doing this podcast is all we've learned through our conversations and the feedback we get from up-and-coming engineering leaders, which has been an incredibly motivating force."

 "Eiso came to me to start a podcast because he knows I have a passion for engineering leadership and teambuilding. Developing Leadership has been an incredible journey so far. I've enjoyed sharing my knowledge of managing software engineering teams, and all the sports metaphors that come with it, and even more so, all the things I've learned from the engineering leaders we've had on the podcast."

About THE Hosts

Eiso Kant

Founder & CEO of Athenian

Eiso Kant is a Haskell fanboy and Data-Enabled Engineering pioneer with a passion for building software for developers, yoga, and sailing.

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Jason Warner

MD at Redpoint & Former CTO of GitHub

Jason Warner is an engineering leader, superstar, and sports fanatic. Previously CTO and VP of Engineering at GitHub and Heroku, he loves his family and uncovering potential in engineers.

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